It’s pretty easy to write 2020 off as a horrible year. In my 40+ years on this planet I can easily say I have never experienced a global issue larger than the phenomenon that is COVID-19. Certainly not one that has effected the economy to such a degree.

With many businesses being forced to lay off staff, and the majority of us returning to our homes to work, its easy to feel bewildered and directionless.

With all this uncertainty its difficult to know what you should be doing to keep busy and to market your own company.

Its not the end of the World

Well, that is…

With the surge of Thailand’s digital landscape, marketers have found themselves in the perfect position to expand their company horizons. Today we’ll be taking an in-depth look at Thailand’s mobile device usage rates and how to best target this surging market.

Known as “The Land of Smiles,’’ Thailand’s fascinating culture is home to its delicious cuisine, breathtaking beaches, rustic temples, and more. What’s becoming more fascinating however is the rise of Thailand’s digital landscape which is fueled by its young, internet-savvy population. Thailand is on the verge of a full-scale transition to the digital world. They’re ditching old-school media such…

Photo by Geetanjal Khanna on Unsplash (cropped)

It was raining. It always seemed to be raining.

The library’s court yard was lit by lanterns swinging in the wind. The light, although artificial, threw heavy shadows across the scene. Water dripped from the lanterns and pooled on the meticulous pebble paths and flower pots. A gasp of exclamation could be clearly heard from a distant alcove and a set of sturdy looking, wooden doors burst open. A heavy set figure rushed out into the court yard struggling to fasten his robes and thrust a broad cowled hat onto his head.

The monk’s robes were held together with an…

Photo by Jan Huber on Unsplash — Additional colour edits by me.

Brother Thomas didn’t know much about the various planes of existence. He didn’t even know much about the world of man outside of the monastery. Inside these protective walls, however, was the complete opposite. Thomas knew exactly who he was. He was a true disciple of Chauntea; goddess of agriculture, he was a ‘versed farmer’.

To the uneducated outsider, the worship of growth, crops and grain may seem a rather mundane and benign belief system. A humble believer, like Brother Thomas however, is reminded daily that agriculture warrants (nay, requires) constant sacrifice. The best crop springs forth from waste, excrement…

Photo by Heng Films on Unsplash

Almond and honeyed butter, the scent lingered,
A pendant upon her neck she mindlessly fingered,
Removing a wooden clasp, hair fell in midnight waves,
The action of coupling turning mere men to slaves,
Rolling and heavy of breath, hand to matted brow,
A lingering eye, a smacking of lips, “c’mon, take me now”.

Blind, gut wrenching pain,
Fear, terminal mental sprain,
Bleeding out, alone and petrified,
Thoughts of regret, accomplishment’s voice denied.

Spasm, wriggle and writhe,
Death lords over his subject, claw on scythe,
Brought low by the Assassin’s blade,
Undone as Devil’s advocate played.

Vengeance; a singular driving breath,
Reaching, clawing for the wielder of death,
Once hidden, now hilt deep sits the dirk,
Dying man’s features distort with a satisfied smirk.

Ben Barling

Managing Director at DIGITAL BASE, Bangkok. Hobbies include photography, videography, listening to metal and getting my nerd on with some RPG and card games.

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